Shambala Hijab Stick Pins

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Gorgeous shambala hijab stick pins. They are composed of shambala beads and a crystal sandwiching a rhinestone. All the embellishments are secured at place with transparent stopper. The embellishments are not permanently fixed in place because we would like you to interact with our pins and have fun! :-). Adjust the pins according to your mood and occasion.

Extra Information

  • Handmade  Hijab Pin  and Exclusive to Sofia’s Collection
  • Shambala Hijab Stick Pins come in many colours i.e.  black, white, hot pink, grass green, dark green, brown and purple. More colours available on website.
  • Hijab Stick Pin is silver plated and measures (approx) 78mm or 3″
  • Beaded part of the stick pin measures (approx) 30mm
  • Closing safety cap at the end of pin
  • Stick pin can be used for decorating hats, coats, bags, scrapbooks and cards, there is no limit to imagination!