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Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Welcome to Sofia’s Collection.  We believe that all ladies young or old deserve a little bit of luxury from time to time and here at Sofia’s Collection we want to bring you just that. We offer beautifully elegant designs at affordable prices.  Who could resist treating themselves? Or maybe you would like to buy a unique gift for someone special!

Sofia’s Collection was created in 2013 by owner and designer Sofia. Sofia is entirely self-taught and most of the Sofia’s Collection jewellery is handmade in Sofia’s workshop at home based in Birmingham. Affordable & elegant was at the forefront of Sofia’s mind when creating Sofia’s Collection and she brings you timeless pieces of jewellery and unique accessories to suit any personality and occasion.

Each item of jewellery is handmade with great care and reflects Sofia’s philosophy of understated elegance. Many of her pieces are limited edition so grab them while you can!.

More about our designer Sofia in her own words


I always had a passion for handmade and hand crafted items, whether it be a jewellery or a delicately hand crafted decoration pieces.

As a child I saw my mother crafting beautiful dresses for her daughters, helping them in their hand crafted projects for schools. It instilled a passion in me to create items with my hands from any material I could mould or work with.  I remember those times and cherish them, those innocent memories of creating doll’s dining set with candle wax!, knitting sweaters or creating necklaces for dolls with beads Ahhhh! those days :-) . I sometime wish I could turn back time and go back to childhood.

Now that I have my own children I try to recreate & relive those memories with them.  My passion for handmade items and love for uniqueness brought me to create Hijab accessories and bookmarks for my family and friends. I was then encouraged by my husband and family to bring my love and passion of craftsmanship to outside world. So here I am :-) .

I find making jewellery very relaxing and it reminds me of the beauty that is all around us created by Allah (subha u talla) for us to enjoy and contemplate on.  I’m fortunate enough to have travelled to beautiful places especially northern areas of Pakistan and other countries, for this I am thankful to my father. I get my inspiration from my memories of green luscious valleys, high mountains, deep blue lakes and teal colour seas.

The quality of the materials I use is very important to me, and I enjoy searching for new and inspirational stones, crystals and other materials.  I love to incorporate colour, hearts and flowers into my jewellery but I also like to do pieces that have a vintage or ethnic look to them. Whenever I am designing or creating a piece of jewellery I try to follow the beautiful saying of Holy Prophet (Sallah ho alahe wa sallim),

“None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself”

Hadith in al-Bukhari

I’m hoping insha-Allah to add unique handcrafted  accessories from other crafters and ready-made unique items with a very affordable and attractive price tag to my collection! So look out for them!




  • 5 star review  Worked with me with much detail, down to every stone colour and finish. Went above and beyond; even went onto look for the perfect pendant for me! Have always used Sofias collection and will carry on doing so.

    thumb Mrsmm Emm

    5 star review  I have been ordering bespoke headpieces from Sofias collection since the past few years. Excellent service, fast delivery and very quick to reply. Always so helpful and patient when it comes to designing bespoke pieces. Hope your business continues to grow InSha Allah, you deserve it :)

    thumb Muqaddasa Garasia

    5 star review  Very responsive, flexible and polite. Quick service and lovely pieces. I would definitely keep ordering from her for my future needs!

    thumb Asma Husain
  • 5 star review  Amazing hijab pins and excellent service. I am a big collector of hijab pins as I think they are a beautiful accessory and have been buying them from other places for over a decade. However the ones I recently got from Sofias collection are by far my most favourite ones. Love them and thank you for a great great product.

    thumb Shabnam Mohammad

    5 star review  I received my hijab pins and I was completely shocked and amazed at how they looked. The pictures did not do those sets justice Masha'Allah they are soooooo nice and they are good size. Sofia is a great person with beautiful heart she also placed some free pins! Can only say good things from the service and to receiving the pins and there quality

    thumb Zana Kausar

    5 star review  Have ordered many pieces from Sofias collection �. Always so helpful, responsive and patient when helping me choose the right design. Final pieces are always perfect �

    thumb Umamah Khanom
  • 5 star review  Bought two headchains from this lovely sister. They are absolutely beautiful 💗 💗 exactly what I asked for. amazing service ordered one day and was with me the next. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family. Thank you sofias collection

    thumb Louise Hoque

    5 star review  Salam sister. I have just received my parcel. Another bespoke piece Absolutely gorgeous May Allah reward you for your efforts aameen. Jazaakillah khairan

    thumb Shahida Begum

    5 star review  Have ordered many pieces from Sofias collection �. Always so helpful, responsive and patient when helping me choose the right design. Final pieces are always perfect �

    thumb Umamah Khanom